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Hi. Chigozie O Asianya here (Domain trading business coach & Consultant). This is me during my last international trip. Welcome to the world of domain trading, where the act of buying and selling domain names is known as domain flipping.

In this Domain Trading Business System, you're going to learn how to earn thousands of dollars flipping domain names, and enjoy the freedom lifestyle that comes with it!

Domain names are online digital assets just like how crypto currencies are also digital assets. But domain names are more closely comparable to real estate, as having a domain name is like having a piece of real estate online whereby you buy the domain name and then you keep it for some time by either developing it or by just allowing it to increase in value overtime, and then selling it. Or you can buy and sell it off immediately.

Domain flipping is one of the most lucrative businesses out there you can start and use to make a living for yourself. But you must also note that domain flipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme. As when setting the price of your domain, there's usually this excitement of wanting to set it for millions of dollars, because in the past, domains names have been sold for such amounts e.g - sold for $90M - 2015, - $17M, sold to Quihoo - 2015, and sold for $875M!

All these ideas can become too exciting and you would be tempted to set extravagant amount as your price tag, thus, killing your chances of getting your domain sold. So always tend to be realistic when pricing your digital assets.

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Some Points To Note.

It's worth noting that every word in the english language has been registered with either a .com, .net, or a .org TLD and these are generic names that are worth millions of dollars, e.g, etc... That's why when you search for any regular domain name, it's usually registered.

So when you improvise and come up with very creative domain names, you have to set a reasonable price tag for it, somewhere around $500 - $1000 mark range in order to give it a fitting chance of getting sold.

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Over the past year, i've been able to generate $10,000 from selling domain names, and you too can implement my winning system to achieve same results- if you get the Domain Trading Business System now.

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How Do You Come Up With Premium Domain Name Ideas?

The best ways to sell domain names that can fetch you millions of dollars is by selling generic or every day words, but unfortunately, about 360 million words have been registered so far. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost as you can still be creative enough to come up with cool domain names that can be worth 6-7 figures!

This and more is what you'll discover in the DTBS; especially other alternative ways you can use to scout for winning domain name ideas that are premium and still available, which can generate you a whooping 6-7 figures in sales!


In the Domain Trading Business System, you're going to learn how to scout for cheap domain names and sell that domain name for about $500-$1000 every month, guaranteed! This consist of:

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